Who We Are

With the combined mind power of engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, and the University of Michigan, our team built Open Window to positively impact both your health and the environment. We have rooted ourselves in the lush midwest state of Michigan with the mission of using Open Window to give the population a breath of fresh air, whatever the weather

How We Started

Growing up, our founder lived his life close to nature with the windows always open. Our patented product emerged from his years of research on a simple problem: how to stop rain from coming through the window screen. From there, we jumped into sketching, prototyping, and testing, finally returning with our amazing Open Window, now available for you.

Humble beginnings brought forth a product that does more than keep rain out and let fresh air in; it improves health and lowers your electric bills.

Our Future

We are dreamers with a mission. As we tested Open Window in our home-made wind tunnel, we imagined lush green forests, already dreaming about what more we can do for the environment. Now, we are moving towards a greener future by creating healthier homes and a healthier Earth.


Join us on our quest to plant one million trees. 

Planting Trees for the Future

Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we will plant a tree for every unit sold. Our goal is to sell one million Open Windows and plant one million trees. Your purchase today will help make this goal a reality.